DYLAN'S NEVER ENDING MONEY by Christian Stone (singer/songwriter/artist... http://www.christianstone.net)

For what it's worth: I recently read an article that made reference to Dylan's booking price being $300,000.00 (USD) per performance (http://thebrandeishoot.com/articles/12774). Multiply that by the eighty-seven-plus concerts and
appearances that he's done in 2012 alone and then consider how many concerts he's done over the past many years on his "Never Ending Tour" and you can see why his touring never ends. It's a no-brainer. Just do the math. The bottom line never ends.
The website, Celebrity Net Worth (http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/rock-stars/bob-dylan-net-worth) lists Dylan's net worth at eighty million (USD) which seems a bit low considering the fifty-plus years of collecting vast amounts of never ending money through his never ending publishing and songwriting royalties, not to mention the millions earned in never ending album sales plus the never ending money he earns through his paintings and prints. I once read that he's also invested in several shopping centers and there's no telling how much cash that brings in. I haven't yet seen any Dylan bobble-heads, key-chains, oven-mitts, kitchen aprons or toilet seat covers for sale, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere to go along with all of the never ending merchandise and trinkets sold through his website and other outlets which more than likely accounts for millions more of never ending money raked in every year. I sometimes have to wonder what the White House had to spend in getting him to appear for the Presidential Medal of Freedom earlier this year? Another six figure amount? Maybe extra money to have him wear the shades? With a voice now sounding like he gargles with Drano drain cleaner and thumbtacks before each concert and with his never ending mumbling and stumbling through never ending unrecognizable songs in his Mark Twain riverboat suit, a lot of us still stand in a never ending line to shell out our hard earned bucks to see him perform and some of us also spend millions more buying all he has to offer, possibly making him far wealthier than a dozen Donald Trump's and all the Sheiks of Arabia combined.

Dylan is a business. Plain and simple. He employs dozens of full and part-time employees and obviously there's expenses on his part to make it all happen, but still the same, he's a business enterprise dealing in profit and loss margins as he markets himself and his image to the marketplace, reinventing himself every several years to keep it all alive and fresh, the same as any other business marketing a product (a new and improved package design for the same old stuff). I seriously doubt there's any losses on his spreadsheet at the end of any of his never ending years. I can imagine Dylan sitting at the head of a conference table during business meetings, him leaning back on a plush office chair with his his feet wrapped in boots of Spanish leather propped up on the table; Bob Dylan, Chief CEO, Proprietor and Head Honcho, lording over his never ending money-making domain, sitting there with his imported cigar smoke filling the room, going over pages and pages of business plans and reports, him penciling in this and that, comparing last year's profits against next year's projections with profit goals targeted at beating whatever Paul McCartney, BP Oil, or any other enterprise might project. Ahhhhhh, the money, the never ending money, the never ending moolah and big bucks, the never ending loot filling his bank accounts to overflowing. I don't blame him in the least and we'd all do the same if only given the opportunity. Hey, it's only business. As the greatest songwriter of all times, I love his songs and I've certainly rummaged through the dust balls of my own pockets in supporting him over the years, but one lyric in one of his songs keeps coming to mind and stands out as I think about good ol' entrepreneur Bob Dylan starting out as a simple Minnesota Woody Guthrie type of lad singing folksongs before his never ending money-making empire began: "Sure was a good idea till greed got in the way..." (from Dylan's Union Sundown).

Never Ending Money: ©2012 Christian Stone